(1) Aim: To determine the strength of given unknown zinc oxide solution complexometrically using approximately M/40 EDTA solution as the intermediate (PDF)

(2) Aim: To determine the strength of given Copper Sulphate solution iodometrically using approximately M/40 Sodium Thiosulphate as the intermediate  (PDF)

(3) Notes for coordination chemistry class 1 (Pdf)

(4) Notes for Ionic Equilibrium Class I (PDF)

(5) Assignment for p block (PDF)

(6) Notes for Ionisation energy (PDF)

(7) Notes for hydrides of Nitrogen (PDF)

(8) Notes for Diboranes (PDF)

(9) Notes for S and P block (PDF)

(10) Notes for Coordination Compounds (PDF)

(11) Notes for Metallurgy (PDF)

(12) Notes for d-block elements (PDF)

(13) Notes for Thermo (PDF)