I intend to continue my research work in chemistry. The main goal of my future education is to gain valuable research experience and carry forward my ardent zeal for Chemistry, induced in me by my deemed educators & actively engage myself in the highly challenging endeavor of scientific research. Right from my High school days I had a strong inclination to be a chemist. Many astonishing facts have introduced me to the colorful realm of organic chemistry, raised the curiosity and encouraged me towards studying them, and motivated me to start my career in chemistry, as I have realized that without strong background knowledge in chemistry, my skills for studying organic chemistry would be incomplete. My interest in the subject has grown with each passing year & I have realized the fact that there is an enormous proportion of subject to be assimilated, therefore, I want to take up a research oriented course for my career. I want to pursue my research work & higher studies in the field of organic chemistry & catalysis. Both the areas of my research interests are highly specific; broadly they are concerned about (i) synthesis & study of various compounds having biological importance and (ii) preparing different drugs to fight against different diseases. I want to prove myself as a highly motivated experimental chemist, show my potential for basic research and lead my group to World Class Research and Quality Publications exploring various scopes in this field & working on the substrates having medicinal importance. I have completed one-year project on heterogeneous catalyst & that should help me in my future research works. During my Ph.D., I have developed a series of cerium based solid base catalysts (Cerium hydroxide carbonate and magnesium hydroxide composite, Pd(OAc)2(PPh3)3/Cerium hydroxide carbonate and magnesium hydroxide composite, Ceria and magnesium hydroxide composite, Ceria supported Hydrotalcite) which  further used in  organic synthesis (Henry reaction, Suzuki- Miyaura reaction, Oxidation of alcohols, Knoevenagel condensation, Imines formation).